Writing The Perfect Facebook Ad

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Mastering digital marketing can be tricky. That’s why this article will provide you with some key tips for creating the ideal Facebook advert for the audience you are aiming to reach.

The Perfect Header


Other than the image, or perhaps the CTA button you use, this might be the most important aspect of the advert. This is because it is likely to be the first part of your advert that people are likely to see.


It’s like the old expression goes “first impressions count”. If people are unfamiliar with your brand, this initial impression is important in establishing people’s views of your company and products/services.


If the advert reaches existing customers or people that are familiar with your brand, it’s more about making your intentions clear and transparent.


With all that in mind, your header text should ideally either explain your product/service in a short and precise way, or it should include an aspect of your offer that people won’t want to miss.


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A Clear CTA button


With Facebook ads, every word counts. Just like any advertisement, you need to be clear, concise, and get straight to the point. So when it comes to your CTA button, it should include a straightforward request/action.


If you are directing them to your offers webpage, your CTA text should include verbs such as ‘buy here’, ‘see offers’, ‘compare offers’, or something to that effect.


If you plan to direct your prospective clients to a webpage that aims to educate them on your products and services, or your business overall, it’s better to include calls to action such as ‘learn more’, ‘read more’, and so on.


Disarming Description


It is essential to eliminate the potential concerns of prospective buyers that can be brought about when they see your call-to-action. For instance, if your potential client base sees a CTA such as ‘buy here’, you can opt to create a brief sentence underneath that can alleviate their concerns.


For example, in the example above, you could write something like ‘learn more here’. Writing this simple text would help you to eliminate the buyer’s concern of ‘having to purchase straight away’, as they can read more about your product and not have to make a commitment straight away.

Choosing The Right Image

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Visuals are typically what capture people’s attention initially. You need to ideally feature your product/service in the image, and in a manner that makes it as appealing as possible to your audience.


If that’s not possible (for instance, if you’re building up hype for an upcoming release), you could instead choose to upload more generic images that fit with the lifestyle of your users.


For instance, if your product is sports-related, it might be a good idea to include images of people enjoying sports-based activities in the summer.

Cater Your Adverts


It is always a better idea to personalize your adverts to specific target demographics, as opposed to creating a generic ‘one size fits all’ type of advert.


You need to speak to your potential customer’s interests directly. For example, if you’re selling scooters, your demographic is likely to be predominantly younger. Therefore, your text and images should reflect who you are trying to reach.


Creating Ads To Best Engage Your Audience


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