Why learning can help you

Are you considering learning English? By clicking on this blog you have already taken the first step in understanding why English can be greatly beneficial throughout your entire life. So sit back and relax while we fill you in on all the crucial reasons to learn this language.

The business language of the world

That’s right, English is internationally recognised as the business language of the world and is often used when businesses from different companies conduct meetings. Therefore, if you learn English where it is not often spoken, you will increase the chance of great opportunities throughout your career.

The International language

Although English is not the most spoken language in the world, due to countries that have high populations such as China. It is seen as the most used globally. No matter what continent you visit, chances are whoever you talk to will have at least a basic understanding of the language.

Meet new people and explore new cultures

If you decide learning English is the right choice for you, then when learning, you can expect to study with other like-minded individuals that will help you form new friendships with a common interest.

Enjoy experiencing new cultures? Why not take a trip to England and fully dive into the culture without any language barriers preventing you.

Improve your academic understanding

High-ranking academic journals are mostly written in English. So, if you are in higher education or plan to be in the future, English can definitely improve your studying capabilities and help you achieve your goals.

The World Wide Web

It has been reported that more than half of the material on the internet is written in English. With your new-found knowledge, you can consume as much media until your heart is content!

Study abroad!

Many countries teach courses in English to attract international students. If you have always been interested in studying abroad then English is essential to improve the places you can go to.


Many of us like the idea of exploring the world to experience all it has to offer. However, you will often run into many language barriers along the way, but there is a solution. English! As previously stated many people from countries all over the world know how to understand and speak English to a basic level.

An Option to get you started

For our readers that have made up their minds and want to begin the journey of learning the English language, the next step will be to find a studying method that works for you.

B20 British School is a great choice for all learners with their interactive online classes that help motivate students. Unlike physical classes which can be costly, you can receive the exact experience from online classes to help you. Along with, flexible options to fit around your lifestyle which caters for interests and hobbies.

Want more information? Contact us today and we can help guide you. All of B20 British School’s tutors are highly experienced and provide a tailored learning approach.