Why is learning English so hard?

For those that grow up learning the English language, it most likely becomes second nature when learning a new word or phrase. However, for individuals that weren’t so lucky to be taught English from a young age the language can be somewhat challenging to fully comprehend.

Some similarities in other European languages are found in English due to its combination of ancient Greek and Latin roots. Although, many still struggle to fully grasp the language when trying to study it on their own.

Let’s look at the areas that seem to cause the most trouble for non-native English speakers and writers.

Word Order

Native English speakers won’t give this a second thought, however, for a learner, trying to understand how to structure sentences can be a complexing process. Trying to understand what the logical order is while knowing if it’s done incorrectly then you will receive some funny looks, can be frustrating.


Spelling out words and figuring out how to pronounce them are two completely different things. For example, some words include silent letters at the beginning of them, while others simply don’t sound anything like how they’re spelt.

Try typing the word ‘yacht’ into a text speech and you’ll feel better knowing that learning English is not exactly straightforward.


Speakers in English regularly say a word in a particular way that can sometimes alter its actual meaning. It can be subtle and if you’re not sure of the overall context, then how it was intended to be used could be missed.

New learners will struggle greatly with this aspect of the English language and will only start to notice how words are emphasised after studying it for a while.


English is great at using many different words to say the same thing. For literature, films, and more, synonyms are a fantastic feature. However, those studying the language will be presented with real problems. Firstly, they will need to identify the synonyms being used to acknowledge what is being expressed. Secondly, synonyms can’t always be interchanged. For instance, if you use the phrase ‘watch television’ it cannot be changed to ‘see television’ even though the words mean the same thing.

So many factors make the English language confusing, and synonyms definitely add the long-list of aspects required to completely understand what’s going on.

Independent studying

Students often see learning English as a side-job from what they’re currently working towards. Therefore, many are known to take an independent approach to learn. The problem with this is that no one can provide assistance when you hit a wall. This leaves them frustrated and de-motivated to continue with their studies.

Online Classes

If you’re invested in learning English the right way, online classes provide a great approach. Instead of paying the high-end costs of physical learning while still gaining access to all the benefits, contact us today. Our experienced tutors help teach English clearly to ensure you see the fast progression.

Yes, learning English may not be an easy road to follow, but with the right support and tools, your goals will be achieved.