Understanding Social media and influencers marketing

SOcial Media

It’s hard in today’s world to discuss digital marketing without social media and influencers coming up. Yes, there are many other methods businesses can use to promote their brand online, however, they could be losing out big time without exploring these channels.


Understanding how to utilise social media and influencers to receive long-lasting results is a completely different story.


What is social media marketing?


Everyone knows social media platforms have a huge user base. This provides the opportunity for businesses to promote their products or services. Over the years social media giants such as Facebook have become incredibly good at finding the right viewers to target for many different industries. But how?


Every time a person creates a profile, they fill out personal information. This includes their age, country of residence, current job, and more. These factors can then be used to segment them for brands to target. However, that’s not all. Likes and dislikes from interests shared on social media can also contribute to the type of ads individuals are exposed to.


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What is influencer marketing?


Influencers are individuals that have large fanbases. Whether it be on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or something else. Brands use them to promote their product or service. By doing so, the influencer is endorsing the brand which builds an extra layer of trust which can help increase conversion rates.


Sounds good right? Well, it’s a little more involved than that. Although the technique is relatively straightforward, finding the influencer with the right target market can be challenging. Not to mention the process to negotiate the pricing for the influence to promote it (some can be up to £5,000 for a single post).


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Can all industries benefit from social media and influencer advertising?


Many companies use some sort of social media advertising. Whether it’s just having a small presence or constantly running ads. The potential is just too big for them to ignore. However, when it comes to influencers, the amount of companies that utilise them is much smaller, but this in no way means that the return on investment is smaller.

Social Media


Influencers are good at promoting specific types of products and services that relate to their audience. For example, beauty brands constantly use them when releasing new make-up products. However, for companies operating in smaller niches, it may be hard to find the right ones that will successfully promote the product or service.


Is it a suitable career option?


There is no doubt that digital marketing plays a major part in most businesses for finding new customers. The sector forecasts amazing growth in the next couple of years with digital marketers that specialise in social media advertising, influencer marketing and SEO being sought after.


Conquer social media and influencer marketing


Businesses have been known to grow exponentially with these types of marketing techniques. Therefore, it’s no surprise that social media marketers that know what they’re doing are always in high demand.


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