The Top Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out For

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We live in a digitally powered world where marketing evolves day by day. It is hard to predict where digital marketing will go in the future. The development of Web 3.0 and other technologies will redefine the digital marketing landscape, and it’s wise to keep a check on emerging trends that will shape the digital marketing strategies of various organisations across the globe.

Marketing, as a function, has evolved, and the focus is on data, automation, and artificial intelligence. It has moved on from core branding and advertising andfocuses on creating value and engagement for customers. A career in digital marketing can be pretty lucrative. You can further advance in this career by pursuing a Master’s in Digital Marketing from one of the best institutes in London.


Let’s look at some of the top digital marketing trends that we need to watch out for this year.

Social Media Stories

Social media stories have been a hit among consumers and will continue to redefine the digital marketing landscape. Brands use social media stories as a storytelling mechanism to attract new audiences and increase their engagement. More than 500 people across the globe are using Instagram stores every day. It creates an unprecedented opportunity for businesses to engage, attract and retain their clientele.

Conversational Marketing

Conversational marketing, although not new, is becoming a powerful digital marketing tool for lead generation. Customers prefer to speak to a live chat agent compared to sending emails or using social media as it offers them an immediate response to their problems.


Chatbots are also proving to be a quality lead generation tool for businesses. However, it needs to be correctly configured and automated to extract the maximum benefits.


The number of people listening to podcasts is increasing day by day. Brands are using these attractive marketing tools to showcase their brands and build a credible audience. You can partner with an active podcast with a large audience who will be the perfect customers for your products and service.

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Video Marketing

Preferences have changed over the years, and people are now preferring to watch videos from brands rather than reading plain text. People are consuming video content like never before. Platforms such as YouTube and TikTok have transformed the digital marketing space, and brands are throwing money at influencers to market their products.


Consumers rarely find time to read a long article and want to watch a video instead to learn more about the products. It is high time you incorporate video marketing as part of your digital advertising strategy.


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