The Do’s and Don’ts of Studying Online

With new restrictions being implemented, The UK government is still heavily advising citizens to keep interactions with other individuals to a minimum. Therefore, for many of us that want to continue with our lives, especially when it comes to advancing our education, the internet is your best bet.

Now, before you go full speed ahead and make a decision that could greatly impact your lifestyle for the next few months or longer. Take a look at our recommendations to ensure you gain as much value as possible when enrolling into an online course.

Be on time
Just because you will not be joining the class in person, this does not mean that it won’t matter whether you attend on time or not. Attendance and punctuality are still very important to ensure your computer is fully charged and you join the class call early.

Get all equipment needed beforehand
Although you may be using your laptop/computer for the majority of the time while participating in the online class, all individuals learn differently. So, if you prefer to write information down or make flashcards, consider ordering some supplies before you start!

Teachers often spend hours creating interactive lectures to help students understand the course material better. If no one speaks up, that makes the whole exercise pointless and you will lose valuable time when you could be gaining loads more knowledge by taking part in this interactive lecture. The teachers and students are often interested to hear what you have to say, so make sure you speak closer to the microphone and speak up.

Get your study area ready
Limiting distractions will be key to keep you focused throughout your time studying. We recommend finding a quiet area you can use where you can properly layout all your course material and study equipment. Many students think that studying from their bed or sofa is sufficient, however, if you are easily distracted avoid these areas.

Set a Schedule
All students will need to partake in some independent learning sessions when studying online. With many of us feeling the effects of the days of the week all rolling into one, setting a schedule is a great way to keep on top of your learning and keeping track of what you are planning to study and when.

There are many different programs that can keep track of your studying, otherwise, a paper calendar will work just as good. Again, preparation is key to ensure you have everything in order before you begin online studying.

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