The Caribbean in UK

London is a world apart. London is a complete different thing. London is a whole beautiful universe. This is what people realize, once they have visited other places of the United Kingdom. We will introduce, in the next articles, many of London’s features and peculiarities but, in this one, we will travel somewhere else through this beautiful and yet, somehow, unknown and astounding country.

So, let’s start with the basics: when we say “UK” we actually mean the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. This kingdom is made of islands which contain, in some cases, different countries. Some countries are big, some are small, some are “united” with others. You have, mainly, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Then you have counties, actually… many of them. But, let’s get back to our islands, shall we? Some of these islands are, indeed, very little jewels nicely and beautifully placed around the main islands. And, if you just go a little but farther up North, on the left, in Scotland, you will find one of these. Its name is Isle of Harris and this is where you will find white, sandy beaches just like the Maldives! You don’t believe it, do you? J Well, as we know that the trend now is: “Pics, or it didn’t happen” here you can find a video of Luskentyre (Isle of Harris, Outer Ebrids, Scotland) and here are some of its beautiful pictures:

This beach has been named by TripAdvisor one of UK’s best beaches. Tourists have said that it the sandy beach simply looks and feels like a Caribbean beach and that its waters are crystal clear, though a bit cold, perhaps? J

Isn’t this a beautiful place to go to, maybe, for your next outdoor trip? Yes, it might be a bit far away from the usual city madness but, perhaps, sometimes we all need to escape from our hectic lives and try to enjoy the beauty of what lies around us. In fact, often, we don’t realize that we don’t need to go that far, to find the Caribbean or to find a whole new universe. And, besides, should you wish not to miss your Skype lessons, you can always connect with us!

Do enjoy your trips, wherever you might to and no matter how long they last for.


Articles’ glossary:

world apart = something different from the rest
realize = to understand, to learn (regular verb)
introduce = to show, to present
features = quality, property of something, attribute of something
peculiarities = something particular or curious about something else
astounding = something astonishing, surprising
start with the basics = to begin from very important, few information
counties = plural of county (example: Suffolk, Luton, Blackpool…)
indeed = in fact, as a matter of fact
farther up = upstairs, off, beyond, another direction upwards
sandy beaches = beach made of sand only
trend = direction, tendency, new orientation
pics, or it didn’t happen = phrase used to ask for proof of something being declared by someone else
crystal clear = very transparent, like a crystal
hectic = chaotic, very busy, frenetic