The 3 Most Common Misconceptions About Email Marketing

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Email marketing has been a tried and tested marketing technique used by businesses of all sizes for decades.

However, because it has been used for so many years, many people believe that this method is in the past, and many other methods are better.


This couldn’t be more untrue. Email marketing is still used and provides great success, making businesses double or even triple their revenue in some cases. It’s no wonder that business and marketing online classes London still teach email marketing and how to create effective campaigns.


So, let’s show you below the 3 most common misconceptions that many people have about email marketing.


You Annoy Your Potential Customers by Sending Emails


This is one of the most common misconceptions. As your clients will be looking at emails all the time, it can be a great way to contact them and let them know what you are offering. What’s more, if you haven’t done business with them in a while it can help keep your company’s name fresh in their minds.


With email marketing, you can change and amend your campaigns depending on the data you receive. If you see unsubscribe rates going up, you can easily slow down your rate of emails.


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Keep Subject Lines Short


Many marketers believe that short subject lines are better than longer ones, as clients often have less time to read through longer subject lines. Although this is partly true, recent data has found that longer ones in the 61-70 characters range have a much higher average rate of being read than any other subject line length.


You Should Only Start an Email Campaign If You Have a Large List of Contacts


Of course, having a big list of emails to contact is great for getting the most amount of clients to contact you, however, if you don’t have a big list, it isn’t necessary. At the end of the day, the main thing you need to worry about is the quality of your email campaign and the emails that are on your list.


Once you have all this, you can start your email campaign straight away in order to get more clients.


Get Your Email Campaigns up and Running Today


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