Make the Most of Your Time When Studying Online during COVID 19

Unlike what many students and teachers expected, online learning is still going strong. There are still multiple advantages to learning this way, so much that it has changed educational systems all across the world.

This doesn’t seem like it’s going to change anytime soon, so for those looking to make the most of studying this way, we’ve compiled some helpful tips. Let’s take a look!


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Understand and Meet Deadlines


Far too often those who are studying online don’t meet due dates. Not because they’re being lazy, but down to poor planning with other assignments and commitments. That’s why great attention should be given to the online system that is used to gather deadline information.


The best approach is to log in every day to check the current assignments. Once they have been collected, create a plan to ensure each one gets the time needed to complete it to the best of your ability.


Although it sounds like simple advice, many students overlook deadlines and what they need to finish. This then creates major problems, especially when many are due around the same time. However, unlike a traditional classroom, the teacher won’t be reminding you as much to make sure the assignments are fresh in your mind.


Create a Peaceful Working Environment


A big part of learning online is having a study area that is free from distractions. It’s best to find an area in your house that is away from any loud noises so all of your attention can go towards learning.


Many students choose to use their bedroom, however, they can be easily distracted. It’s recommended to find an area elsewhere in the house that is also quiet and free from distractions.



Create a Support Group


Although creating a distraction-free environment will help, there are additional steps that can be taken to make the most of your time when learning online. This includes creating a supportive network of fellow students to help each other out.


Thanks to the demand for online learning, there are plenty of software options that can help students interact with each other, providing the perfect opportunity for everyone to progress together.

Make a Schedule and Stick To It


It’s been proven that those that create a schedule and continually stick to it tend to receive better grades. Therefore, when studying online try making a daily routine that involves certain hours being dedicated to your studies.


However, keep in mind that the brain can only retain so much information at any given time. So, when creating a schedule it’s best to make small study periods that are then followed by a break before continuing once more.


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