Which school?

It is very difficult, sometimes, to find the most appropriate school for your language needs. If you live in London, for example, on one side you do have a wide range of educational institutions you can chose from but, on the other hand, unfortunately, being able to assess and find the best English school in London for you is not an easy task as it would seem. This town does offer such a diverse and, yet, heterogeneous number of schools to the extent that, eventually, sometimes we don’t seem to be able to find the perfect one for us.

How do we decide? What are we looking for? What are the elements and services which we have to consider and analyze before we decide where to enroll, how long for and which course to attend? Not an easy task, of course, but, perhaps we can keep in mind the saying “keep it simple” and, most probably, we’ll succeed. Here are our suggestions. Your knowledge of the language needs to be assessed by the school of English, so they need to have this facility before you start anything. They need to be easily accessible from anywhere in town but, at the same time, they also need to be able to support you remotely (via WhatsApp, Skype, Messenger, for example) at any given time, even if you don’t physically attend their courses; they need to provide you with tutors/teachers whose curricula can be found on their website or anywhere else easily accessible; they should be available to discuss your needs in order to tailor their services to your requirements, mostly. It would be also a great plus if they also could manage to set up and encourage extra-curricular activities amongst the students as well as with their tutors/teachers such as museum visits, ad hoc “daily life” learning courses, cinemas, theatre, etc.

Tools are the most important thing and, hence, you should be given books without having to go and search for them in bookshops or to buy them online. Basically, the best English school in London should be able to give you the most suitable service ever in order for you to be able to improve your knowledge and language skills without much effort, thus making it a pleasure.


James West

English Teacher (Skype/ Face to face)

I’m James, a qualified and experienced TEFL/ Cambridge IELTS certified English language teacher, a graduate of Canterbury University and a native British English speaker born in London. I have been successfully helping students from around the world at every level, from beginner to advanced. I teach General and Business English as well as Pronunciation and IELTS. I also prepare students for interviews or meetings and proofread essays, business plans and CV’s . My lessons are customized to the individual needs of all my students. My students tell me that I am friendly, helpful, hard-working and flexible. I have taught Brazilian, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, French, Polish, Bulgarian, Chinese, Angolan, Sri Lankan, Greek and Somalian native speakers, helping them to integrate into life in England, both socially and professionally. I have also taught in South America and Portugal. I offer short term (intensive) and long term one-to-one courses.


English Teacher (Skype/ Face to face)

My name is Jon, I am 37 year old native British speaker, TEFL qualified and with 10 years of teaching experience both in the UK and abroad to 30+ different nationalities. I have successfully taught many students to pass their exams or reach their individual English targets. My method is to assess your needs and requirements and tailor a course that will ensure success on your individual targets by giving weekly feedback and progress reports. 
I really love to teach and I find it incredibly rewarding. I will transfer my passion for teaching English over to you by providing you with engaging, enjoyable and professional classes. 


Romina Mezzatesta

English Teacher (Skype/ Face to face)

I am a professional teacher, who is committed to safeguard and promote the education and the well-being of different learners. I have experience working with children as well as adult learners. In my current post, I am a volunteer ESOL teacher for Human Rights organisations which deal with Afghanistan’s affairs. I have 8 years of practical experience of working for/with schools and educational organisations. I have worked for private and government educational institutions in Italy and the United Kingdom.

Edda Gaudino

English Teacher (Skype/ Face to face)

Edda is a qualified teacher with a lot of experience teaching all different ages and levels, groups or one to one lessons. She provides online tuition too. She is also familiar in teaching young children. She has got a degree in foreign languages: English, Spanish and French. She also holds the CELTA qualification to Teach English as a Foreign Language. She has preparad a lot of students for the Trinity and Cambridge examinations. She uses the communicative approach She offers weekend lessons too 



English Teacher (Skype/ Face to face)

I am a qualified CELTA (Cambridge Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign language) professional teacher. I hold a BA and an MA degree and have seven years experience in teaching EFL at Brooklands College, Surrey. Having had a successful academic & professional career and having put my kids through Oxford, LSE, PENN and Yale, have added to my ability to take students to the desired level in their career journey. I would welcome the opportunity to provide lessons, comprehensive support and mentoring in English to those seeking extra qualifications to Proficiency level, FCE, IELTS & ESOL or the required standard when applying to study or work. We can design a program/course which will best serve your requirements to get you the best possible results in achieving your career goals. Your devoted teacher.


English Teacher (Skype/ Face to face)

Hi, I’m Tom, an English as a Forign Language Teacher (TEFL) with over 14 years experience teaching General and Technical English to international students here in London. I have also taught mono-lingual students in Language Schools in Florence, Italy, in the 90s, and have been teaching in France since 2017. I work with all levels, from absolute beginners to advanced. In addition to General English I teach Technical English like Aeronautics (Air-Traffic Control), The Veterinary Sector, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Business English, TOEIC, Cambridge Exams, Art and Art History. So as you can see, I am able to focus on your particular sector, your interests, and provide relevant lessons just for you. You can choose the level of customisation from general, to highly bespoke programs adapted to your specific learning needs. This is cutting-edge English Training, using a modern approach to classroom teaching, combining the best of face-to-face training with high-tech online learning tools such as YouTube, and language apps like Lisnum. I look forward to providing you with targeted English Classes here in London which improve your skills in specific situations; enhancing your career and giving you the confidence to go out and simply enjoy the experience of speaking English around the world in 2020



English Teacher (Skype/ Face to face)

My name is Nick. I am an experienced, friendly and professional teacher offering English (EFL) lessons to adults on the internet using Skype (or a similar application) or face-to-face if you live near to me. I am a native English speaker, having lived in London for many years. Lessons with me can be at times that are convenient to you, and you do not have to stick to a fixed timetable. Whatever your level, beginner, intermediate or advanced I can help you to improve your spoken and/or written English. I believe that to improve your English quickly and efficiently it is important that your learning is enjoyable. That is why I will take time to get to know you, to find out what you want to learn and what kind of learning suits you best.