Improving your English Speaking and Listening

If you’re looking to increase your English listening and speaking skills for the upcoming IELTS or Cambridge exams here are our top tips to help.

Studying during Covid-19 has proven difficult. With resources that were available to students now being unusable, it can be hard to achieve the same grades originally intended.

Increasing Exposure to English
A method proved successful time and time again is constantly listening to English. It may sound simple but it is often missed by students.

Many students study for short periods and then completely switch off without reinforcing what they have learned.

By doing one of the following you can help increase your English greatly:

Watch movies in English with subtitles
Listen to an English Podcast or Youtubers
Listen to Music in English
Change your mobile & computer devices to English
The more hours you put in the better the result. By finding material that entertains and interests you, you will be learning without evening thinking about it!

Reflecting back on your work
When practising speaking English to other people, ensure to reflect back on the conversion to see where you excelled and areas you need to improve.

If you’re unable to study with someone else, there are still tools at your disposal to help you learn. For example, you can record yourself talking on a subject and then analyse how you spoke afterwards to see where you struggled. Although this approach can be embarrassing, it has shown to produce great results when learning.

Online Help Available
Studying on your own can only improve your English capabilities so far. One of the best ways to study is through classes.

Due to Covid-19, the majority of classes have moved online, which can be beneficial in some ways to students as classes online are usually much cheaper.

B20 British School helps students from all over the globe study for English Exams and was recently nominated as the best English language school in The United Kingdom. With tailored online classes and materials, students have all the resources they need to pass with ease.

Keeping Motivated
Like most things in life, keeping motivated is the key to success. Learning a new language or improving on one can take years to perfect. If you’re struggling and aren’t seeing any progress it can be disheartening and result in you giving up.

Trying different study techniques can help get you through a tough patch. If things aren’t working, try something new that may look at the material you need to learn from a new angle. Whatever you decide, make sure to keep going to ensure the results you want.

Schedule Your Learning
Organising your learning can help train your mind to be the most active when you’re studying. Create a timetable that fits around your life but still lets you allocate sufficient time to your learning.