How to Improve Your English Writing Skills

As the business language of the world, it is no wonder why so many countries teach English. Many countries around the globe have adopted English as their country’s second most used language. One of the major hurdles of using the language is understanding how to write fluently. Here are some good tips to get you started to greatly improve your English writing skills.

Perfect your spelling
It is incredibly important to learn the correct spelling of the English words you are using. Using the incorrect spelling of a word in a sentence could completely alter what you are trying to express. For example, I and Eye both sound exactly the same however they are used to describe very different things; one being your eyeball the other referring to yourself.

Many words in English are spelt differently from how they are pronounced. For example, have you ever seen the spelling of yacht? Well, now you have and there is no going back! The best way to overcome these potential mistakes is to practice your spelling regularly. Try online tests or make flashcards to enhance your knowledge of the correct phrases to use.

Increase your Vocabulary
To get the right message across when writing, have an extensive vocabulary is essential. Keep in mind this does not mean that you should throw big words into random sentences when you have no idea what they actually mean. A good learning method is to not only learn the word you are interested in using but think of relevant examples the word has been used previously in. This ensures you are writing it in the correct context without looking foolish!

Read, read, and read
Your brain can only process so much information in a certain amount of time. Therefore, take a break from your normal studying routine and try reading an interesting book. No matter what subject interests you, from regular reading you will subconsciously pick up how sentences are formatted and how words are used.

Without clear punctation, the point you’re trying to make could lose its effectiveness when read. To stop this from occurring, reading is a great example of how authors use punctuation effectively to emphasis stories and characters to keep you invested.

Stay Motivated
Many students find it hard to keep going when they get frustrated. If this happens, take a break and do something you enjoy. Once you are feeling better try it again. It is important to study in small increments to prevent overloading your brain. Unless you’re reading an English book for fun, then keep going!

Try Online Classes
If learning by yourself is proving to be difficult, online classes are a fantastic way to learn the English Language from experienced tutors and a motivated student community. If this sounds like an avenue you want to explore to improve your English writing skills, B20 British School offers affordable and highly effective online classes. They were nominated in 2020 as the best English Language school for individuals looking to enhance their understanding of the English language, for both personal improvements and for those looking to sit IELTS or Cambridge Exams.