How to Improve Your English Speaking Skills

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Learning how to speak English isn’t always easy. When figuring out how to speak in English, there are certain techniques that you can use to improve your skills the quickest. Here, we have listed some of our top tips to improve your English speaking skills and sound like a native in no time.


Using Technology


Using a device such as a smartphone to record yourself talking so you can listen to it afterward, can dramatically improve your speaking skills. Although it might feel embarrassing at first, this method can provide a great way to understand what you’re doing right and what needs to be worked on.


There are also a huge amount of apps designed to help you through the process. They include ones that provide an easy way to check how words are spoken. By doing so, you’ll know exactly how to pronounce words correctly. You can even take part in English language Skype classes in London or English language Zoom classes in London to enhance your skills online whilst gaining vital training from experienced teachers.


Learn Certain Phrases


To sound more fluent and improve your speaking skills, learning lots of different phrases rather than specific words can go a long way. There are many phrases that sound much more natural than using the same string of words that you may often rely on.


There are often different ways you can say a certain phrase, so switching it up and trying new phrases can make you sound more natural and less robotic.


Why not aim to learn a new word or phrase every day and use them whenever possible to vastly increase your vocabulary and improve your speaking skills.



Get Vocal


Similar to most things, the more you do it the better you become. That’s why it’s recommended for you to read out loud when possible. Whether you’re reading a book, magazine, or something else, the more you practice speaking, the easier it will become over time.


This method also helps with sentence structure. The flow when speaking will become easier to understand when taking into consideration punctuation from books and other written resources.


Mark Yourself Out of 10


After having a conversation or debate with someone in English, reflect on how you got on and think, was there anything I could have done better? Do I repeat the same words again and again? Did I mispronounce a word?


When writing down the mistakes you’ve made, you can work on them and try to improve your speaking skills until your English speaking becomes more natural. Not only will it improve your skills, but you will also become more confident for the next time.

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Be Prepared


If you start to feel nervous and forget what you want to say before a phone call or conversation, it’s often a good idea to create a list of all the words and phrases which you think you will need. Soon you will memorise all these words and it will come more naturally to you.


Fast-Track English Speaking


All of our previous suggestions will help improve your English speaking. However, for the most effective approach to learning, classes should be considered. English classes provide an enjoyable environment for new learners to come together with the guidance of an expert.


B&20 British School offers in-person, as well as online classes such as English language Zoom classes London and English language Skype classes London for individuals that want a stress-free way to improve their overall English. For more information about the services provided, feel free to contact us here.