How to improve your English pronunciation

One of the hardest aspects to master when learning the English language is getting the pronunciation right. There is nothing worse than someone repeatedly asking you ‘sorry, what did you say?’. So, whether you are looking to improve your English as an accomplishment, or need to sit IELTS or the Cambridge exams, these are our tips to help you improve your English pronunciation. Let’s get started.

Understanding how your mouth and lips move
It is no surprise that your mouth and lips move differently depending on what you are saying. If done correctly, the word being pronounced will be clear to understand.

So how can you improve on this until it is right? There are a few different ways that you can use to ensure you achieve the correct shape when speaking:

A mirror – Although it might sound strange, looking into a mirror when you speak can help reinforce the correct mouth and lip shape when talking. You will grasp the feeling associated with the perfect mouth and lip shape, helping you greatly when speaking English in the future.

Use your finger – Press your index finger up towards your lips, when you speak do not move your finger. Each word you speak will feel differently when it moves towards or away from your finger. If you do not like the idea of using a mirror, then this method is a great alternative.

Master the art of listening
With great knowledge of the syllables that make up each word, you can better replicate it. Try listening to a variety of English shows, podcasts and videos to gain an in-depth understanding of how words are pronounced.

Not only will this exposure to English help with your pronunciation but it will also improve your listening and writing. Plus this technique is considerably more fun than revising using a textbook!

Try an online English School
Studying on your own can prove to be frustrating unless you have support. A great way to overcome this, if your friends or family do not have the time to help is to use an online English School.

For example, B20 British School is known for providing consistent results for all students looking to study English. With great teachers and a friendly online community, all students receive all the tools required to improve their English no matter if it is reading, writing, or speaking.

The classes are very affordable and provide great value. If you are interested in learning more, contact them today to gain further insight.

Break down syllables
Each word is constructed of one or more syllables. For example, even the word ‘syllable’ is broken down into 3 sections: Syl-la-ble. Once you start to analyze how each word is put together, your confidence will surely grow when talking.

The internet is great when you are unsure of how and what syllables make up a word. Simply type your selected word into google with the word ‘definition’ added and it will provide useful information about the word with the syllables included.