Here’s Why You Should Learn English

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English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. It’s considered a universal form of communication and is spoken almost globally. Businesses operating in more than one country usually adopt English as the mode of communication. Having a solid command of the language can also unlock new careers and even migration opportunities.

A strong command of English is a prerequisite to many top universities in the UK and across the globe, where English is the most commonly spoken language. Many immigrants residing in the UK often look for English language schools in London to help them polish their language skills. If you’re still confused aboutwhy you need a strong command of the language, here are some reasons you should learn English.

Opens up Career Opportunities

Most large organisations and corporations worldwide use English as their preferred language of communication. Most require prospective employees to have a strong command on it as well. As the world becomes more globalised, more organisations will look for people who speak the universal language.


Therefore, it’s essential for anyone looking for a role in their dream organisation to grasp the English language. You’ll be well prepared for interviews and exude confidence. A strong command of the language will unlock massive career opportunities that would not have been possible without knowing the language.

Travel in The World

One of the most important reasons for learning the English language is that you can travel worldwide without having difficulty communicating with the locals. You can speak English in most countries around the world. In saying that, learning a few local words is always good; but on the other hand, English will help you engage in detailed conversations easily.


As a businessperson, you’ll need to have a strong command of the language to speak to potential clients in different places. Even people in small towns and markets have basic knowledge of the language.

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Improves Confidence

Being bilingual and having a solid command of English can help you increase your confidence. Having the ability to speak with a diverse set of people and understand their unique cultures can help you become a globalised citizen and elevate your confidence level to new heights.


People will respect your commitment to learning and communicating in a language other than your mother tongue. It helps you earn respect. It is a massive confidence booster when you know that people respect you, look to you for advice, and seek your opinions!


From learning the basics to slowly advancing to a level of greater fluency and vocabulary, learning a new language helps you stay mentally active. However, you need a good teacher or institute to help you gain a good hold over the English language.


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