Top 10 tips for learning another language

Learning a new language is fast becoming one of the top skills that employers look for when recruiting new employees.

The world is fast becoming increasingly globalised and more companies than ever are doing business in multiple countries around the world, but they can’t do it without hiring cultured and linguistically adept people. Have you ever wanted to be one of those people you see in the airport travelling to foreign countries “on business” all the time? Then read on for our top ten tips for learning a new language.

10. Peruse the internet in the language you would like to learn

Given that we are in the twenty-first century, the odds are that you’re on the internet a lot. It helps to utilise your web browsing time as learning time as well. Google Chrome has a brilliant tool which converts parts of your webpage into the language that you would like to learn (Google: Language Immersion Extension Chrome to learn more about it). For even more language practice, try reading news sites in the language that you are trying to learn.

9. Convert your home gadgets to the language that you are seeking to learn

Asides from your internet browser, try converting the everyday objects that you come into contact with into the language that you would like to learn. For a few hours a day set the language on your phone and tablet to your chosen language, try sticking post-it notes on everyday objects with its name in the chosen language. These tactics could help cement some more foreign words into your vocabulary.

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