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The Team


Sean Bonnes

Founder and CEO of Peregrine Consulting

Sean is a seasoned business professional with more than 25 years of experience in Project Management, Sales, Marketing, Leadership and Learning & Development (L&D) roles. He is a certified Executive Coach to CEO level and has experience within global businesses across the country, cultural and language divides and thrives in helping teams and their leaders to grow personally and professionally. Sean is an experienced and powerful Facilitator, Presenter and Trainer with a passion for people development. He has worked with businessmen and women on the ground in more than 30 different countries during his career, leading to a truly global perspective and sensitivity and appreciation of individual cultures.


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Our Master sessions with professionals and team leaders:



Alessia Milanese

Qualified and experienced language Teacher and Teacher Trainer

I’m Alessia, a qualified and experienced language teacher and teacher trainer (CELTA, DELTA). I have taught General English courses and teacher training courses in South Africa (since 2010 and 2015). From my base in Johannesburg, I’ve taught students from all over the world, many from the African continent and also China, Turkey, South America. Teaching is my passion and I love working alongside students to help them achieve their best. Teaching for me means being open to more learning, and what could be more fascinating than learning and improving one’s level of competency? My teaching experience includes IELTS preparation classes, FCE and CAE exam preparation and Aviation English. I look forward to helping you move your language learning forward using teaching approaches and techniques best suited to your needs.

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Key features

  • Become a real Business Coach and Leader
  • Business English course included
  • Experienced Tutors
  • Online course via zoom with material included
  • Certificate of completion
  • Start Date: 22.02.2022
  • Intakes: February and October 2022
  • Free presentation available
  • Internship Included within our network
  • Develop a coaching mindset
  • Build your coaching skills and practice during the Master

Course Outline

  • Coaching Skills
  • Structured Sessions
  • Coaching Practice
  • Assignments during the Master

Who is the course for?

Entrepreneurs or beginners who want to learn how Coaching can help them develop and grow. Leaders and business professionals who want to gain self-awareness, achieve their professional goals and unlock their full potential. Small to medium-sized companies looking to add value internally, by developing their leaders and team members

    Which professions can you apply for?

    Attending this Program in Executive Coaching will give you access to future positions like: And more…
    • Executive Coach and Business Coach
    • Career Coach and Life Coach
    • Leadership Coach and Financial Coach
    • Any job requiring you to help individuals or organizations to achieve optimal performance,

    Fees and Payments

    • £/€2400 for the online version only + Business English included
    • £/€3500 for the online version + Business English + Our Internship (6-8 weeks)
    • Pay in 3 instalments without hassles and with more flexibility


    • Michael, CEO, Energy Business, Switzerland "In the coaching sessions I and my young executive team enjoyed with Sean, his strong business background and previous senior leadership roles were a strong help in assisting us in focusing on the issues that brought the greatest benefit to our business. Myself, my team and my business have all benefitted"
    • Viki, Director, International School of Bergen, Norway "I can highly recommend Sean as a coach and in helping transform a vision from words on a poster to becoming lived by all in the organization."
    • Bas, Managing Director, NGO, Switzerland "IFollowing the intensive coaching and soft skill development Sean did with our team we are more focussed on the most important ‘big rocks’ and we have improved in differentiating between urgent and important."
    • Bo, CEO (Retired), Hilti Corporation, Liechtenstein "Sean worked with me and some of my immediate team during my tenure as CEO at Hilti as a Sherpa and Team Coach fostering the culture of the company and helping me and my people to be better.”"

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    Payment should be made before the beginning of the Master or on a monthly basis depends on the conditions of your invoice.



    There are no refunds of any kind on our courses when the case depends on the student/company. If for any reason the student/company is unable to attend the courses, having already paid in advance, our school does not provide any refund.

    The student must pay the sum of 30% valid as a deposit of the Master which is NOT refundable for any reason and even if the interested party decides not to attend the Master in question anymore. If the student would like to cancel the contract even if it has already been signed and the deposit has not been paid yet, the student will be liable to pay the deposit agreed with the provider and postpone the beginning of the Master in other editions. The remaining part must be paid one-off or on monthly basis at the beginning of the Master. (Not applicable for NO DEPOSIT solutions).

    In case of the payments with 4 or 6 installments: if the student decides to not attend the Master anymore, B&20 British School will NOT be able to refund the payments already made from the student and the student will be liable to pay the remaining installments as per the invoice by monthly payments or in FULL.


    We understand that sometimes schedules change unavoidably and that you may need to cancel a lesson. If this happens, please inform us as soon as possible. If you do have to cancel, giving at least 48 hours’ notice means that the time may be re-allocated to another student, and your lesson can be rescheduled at a time convenient to you. Lessons missed without 48 hours’ notice may not be retrieved.


    For online lessons, you will need a strong and reliable internet connection and a desktop or laptop PC, notebook or iPad. Lessons are possible on smartphones, but they are not ideal. Earphones or headphones and an external microphone may be advantageous. You will need to be able to use Zoom or a similar application.

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