English Classes

Attention, Attending, Attended… English Courses

Somewhere on the internet, there’s a funny image of how foreigners see the United Kingdom. They, basically, see London all over the country. There is no Oxford, Birmingham, or Manchester to them. London, as a matter of fact, is, indeed, the UK for tourists. No way to discuss this. Indeed, here you have it all. There’re places, in this town, that even the residents have never seen, for so many are the opportunities and chances that this town offers to those who come and visit. And once they, for example, move over here, they have to face the fact that, no matter how good you think your English is, you really do need to improve it because there is always something missing from your vocabulary or your grammar knowledge. No way to discuss this too. So, you think and ponder about it for a while and, eventually, you decide you will take on one of those English language Skype classes. Yes, but which one and where? Not so easy, actually. There are so many you can choose from, especially in London. There are both English language Skype and onsite classes. Whatever you want, just ask for it, and you’ll have it. Our English language Skype and Zoom classes are more suitable for working students. You can choose your time, your day.

Teachers are available and supporting you all the way through and you will surely like the “one to one” aspect of it. There are basic courses for beginners and these are the ones where you will start off from the ABC. They are a bit tiring because you will need to concentrate a lot as many words and verbs will be new to you and you will need to make them yours, in order not to forget them. Basic courses for beginners might be tiring but, for sure, they are rewarding as your knowledge will soon boost and you will find yourself with a whole new bunch of verbs and words that you will be able to use immediately for your daily activities. After that, you will for sure wish to get even better and attend next levels’ lessons. And why should you not? There are so many English Classes in London and for so many levels!



Payment should be made before the beginning of the lesson. Payment methods can be seen below.


There are no refunds of any kind on our courses when the case depends on the student/company. If for any reason the student/company is unable to attend the courses, having already paid in advance, our school does not provide any refund.


We understand that sometimes schedules change unavoidably and that you may need to cancel a lesson. If this happens, please inform us as soon as possible. If you do have to cancel, giving at least 48 hours’ notice means that the time may be re-allocated to another student, and your lesson can be rescheduled at a time convenient to you. Lessons missed without 48 hours’ notice may not be retrieved. As our contracts are on monthly basis please remember to give us a notice (if you wish to cancel) of 30 days before your renewal expires, otherwise, an invoice will be sent automatically and you will be charged.


For online lessons, you will need a strong and reliable internet connection and a desktop or laptop PC, notebook or iPad. Lessons are possible on smartphones, but they are not ideal. Earphones or headphones and an external microphone may be advantageous. You will need to be able to use Skype or a similar application.