B & 20 British School provides also classes for companies wishing to undertake a targeted English language course.

Nowadays it is important to have a good knowledge of English on the job in order to communicate with colleagues, arrange meetings and help your business to grow.

B & 20 British School will know how to satisfy you. We offer several targeted solutions.

Courses are for all levels both at a distance and in person, even with Interpreter in more specific cases, at very competitive prices.

It is for your business in order to improve the use of English.


Once You Stop Learning, You Start Dying.

Our Corporate Courses are managed by English Native speakers only who will provide you interactive lessons using different tools and methods (like speaking about social situations and in the business environment) and learn more about grammar, general conversation, Business English and Exam preparations.
Along with these services, we also provide interpreting services during corporate courses for those people who are native in another language and need to translate in English and also interpreting services for business meetings.

B & 20 British School will know how to satisfy you. We offer several targeted solutions.

Employees will also get their attendance certificate.


Widen Your Perspective Future With an advanced English course in London

People all across the world are learning the English language and that too, for advanced level. If you have heard many of your friends joining such courses, you might be wondering what special doors it can open for the future? It can actually open up not one but a plethora of doors to a successful future.

Our blog is going to help you learn the various ways in which you can utilize your proficiency in the English language for better prospects.

  1. Global work opportunities

English has always been the chief language for global business. Unless you have a thorough understanding of English with equally strong reading, writing and speaking skills, you can’t access the global job options. You can even gain better opportunities in the current employment situation if you can successfully complete the advanced English course in London. 

  • International companies conduct all the job interviews in English. If you don’t have the ability to express yourself fluently in English, you just miss the opportunity.
  • Every dream job requires a strong grasp of English. If you cannot fulfil the requirement, you cannot go through the next levels of interviews.

Joining a course at B&20 British School is necessary if you don’t want to restrict your career graph.

  1. Higher academic education

If you aim to go abroad for higher studies, you have to prove your competence in the English language through tests. Even if you are not migrating, you have to gain advanced knowledge in English as you need to complete tasks like essays, assignments, and presentations.

Join such a class where there is a specialized training process for students who want to learn the language for better educational opportunities. The transformation from basic status to advanced status can be an elaborate process. But with the right guidance, you can attain the glory.

Prepare for a bright future

English is the global language nowadays. If you don’t know speaking the language fluently, you are immediately filtering out the maximum world population from any prospective list of your educational or professional life.

  • Communication is mandatory in every profession and education course. If you fail to commute in English or cannot understand what the teachers explain in English, you will be the one to suffer.
  • Technology is improving with time, and the future scopes widen every minute. If you want to try out the galaxy of career opportunities lying everywhere around you, you have to be confident in English.

The best idea is to join a good course and learn the language quickly.

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Words, don’t come easy…

Like it or not, sometimes we have to admit it. Words don’t come as easy as we would like them to. It might not be that difficult to learn or to speak a language but, when we need to write in that language, all of a sudden, we do have to make the extra effort and realize that writing is, indeed, very much different from speaking. The act of speaking, talking, chatting in English does happen, usually, very fast. You might make some mistakes, yes, but, not that many, if you speak. People do understand you and don’t correct you, when you speak, unless you are at school. Speaking in English, so, especially if you live in London and if you socialize with the natives (i.e. people born and bred in that specific country) is not that difficult. Problems arise, though, when you have to fill in forms, write an email or apply for a job or, even, send a text to a friend. In these cases, eventually, you definitely need to be able to put your words down properly, if possible.

How can you do that? The best way to improve your written skills is to attend an ad hoc advancedcourse provided by the many language schools. There are many all over the country and in London. Strangely enough, many of us will then, realize how easy it is to confuse “eel” with “ill” or “whale” with “while” and, surely, our skills will improve and we will proudly share our improved knowledge with the rest of the world. Consistency is the key, though. We need to attend regularly and to develop our own way to write in that language.

At the beginning it will be disheartening and tiring because we will think in our own language and we will try and translate but, of course, that is not the way to go. This is because, often, the way sentences are built and things are said are, as a matter of fact, completely different from our language and we might come up with a messy written result. This is why an advanced writing course is the best option for anyone who’s willing to broaden their own dictionary and skills.