B&20 British School – Presented by QA Education Magazine

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B&20 British School – Presented by QA Education Magazine


Just recently, a four-page article on B&20 British School was featured by QA Education Magazine. As would be expected, the school’s reputation and professionalism have been highlighted, and in light of this the following summary of the article will go over just a few of the things that B&20 does for its students.

Giorgio Lipani, Founder and Director

The article starts right off by presenting the crux of the school’s mission, and this is explained by the director of B&20, Giorgio Lipani. The two ideas of improving business skills and gaining knowledge of English go hand in hand because the understanding of the English language tends to give one a leg up in the business world, as it is considered a franca lingua around the globe. Giorgio also goes on to describe various career opportunities for which the school prepares its students. In addition, it is worth noting that B&20 also continues to support students after their education in the form of internships in order to further ensure their success.


Learning English online…

Next, B&20’s versatility is portrayed through a comparison between online courses and the classroom. The school of course provides both of these options for its students, and in this section the advantages of both platforms are examined. The purpose here is not to say one method is better than the other, but to provide information so that students can make informed decisions as to how they can best carry out their journey through the English language.


All you need to know about IELTS…

As a natural segway from examining the different ways of learning, the article moves on to a tangible goal that can be achieved at B&20, coming in the form of certification. Through the International English Language Testing System, or IELTS, non-native speakers can be recognized for their skills in the English language, particularly by universities and professional organizations. This highly recognized certification typically requires a certain level of preparation, and B&20 school is ready to help.



Why you should learn English…

And to wrap up, after acknowledging the tangible benefits of studying at B&20, the article concludes with what a student will personally take away from B&20’s program. Some of the take-aways mentioned in the article include more career options, better travelling experiences, and overall confidence. Here it is worth noting that on top of being prepared for a professional career, students will also be able to benefit from the various opportunities they will gain as they move forward in life by improving their English skills.

So if you are already in the middle of your professional studies or simply just curious about what B&20 can offer, please take a moment to read the full article here at QA Education, English Language.