B-20 British School, Winner of the2022 SMEUK Enterprise Award

B-20 British School, Winner of the2022 SMEUK Enterprise Award

For the third year in a row, B-20 British School has been granted an Enterprise Award by SME News. The school has been recognized, like in previous years, for its English Tutoring Service. This comes as no surprise as the English language is one of the school’s core subjects. Though B-20does offer a variety of other subjects as well through its Master Programs, the emphasis that is put on the study of the English Language further ensures that students grow in their careers in the global community, distinguishing B-20 as a leader in the industry.

A bit more about SME News…

SME News is an online publication that reports on small businesses, entrepreneurs, and start-ups operating in the UK. Like B-20 School, SME News is also a member of CPD Certification Service, which is an organization committed to the optimization and updating of academic and practical qualifications. The aim of SME News is to showcase businesses throughout the UK that show promise within their relative fields. Consequently, the SME Awards are a way to recognize those that have proven to be true success stories. As SMENews outlet puts it:

“The awards are given solely on merit and are awarded to commend those most deserving for their ingenuity and hard work, distinguishing them from their competitors and proving them worthy of recognition.”

-SME News, SME News Announces the Winners of the 2022 UK Enterprise Awards, seen on 19th August 2022

How B-20 has earned this recognition

The English Program offered at B-20 is available to adults of all ages. Lessons are designed to engage students as much as possible through a variety of methods including debates and presentations in English, preparing students to use the English language in real-life situations. Furthermore, B-20 also offers summer courses, study-abroad programs, and certification training in order to provide as much support and opportunity possible for students. Due to the amount of dedication B-20 School has put into its prestigious English program, it is no doubt that is has once again been honoured with another SME UK Enterprise Award, exemplifying B-20’s reputation as the best English school in London.



To find out more about how you can take your English to the next level, please read what B-20’s English Courses have to offer.

And if you are curious about what SBE News is reporting, you can also find out the latest here.

B&20 British School – Presented by QA Education Magazine

B&20 British School – Presented by QA Education Magazine


Just recently, a four-page article on B&20 British School was featured by QA Education Magazine. As would be expected, the school’s reputation and professionalism have been highlighted, and in light of this the following summary of the article will go over just a few of the things that B&20 does for its students.

Giorgio Lipani, Founder and Director

The article starts right off by presenting the crux of the school’s mission, and this is explained by the director of B&20, Giorgio Lipani. The two ideas of improving business skills and gaining knowledge of English go hand in hand because the understanding of the English language tends to give one a leg up in the business world, as it is considered a franca lingua around the globe. Giorgio also goes on to describe various career opportunities for which the school prepares its students. In addition, it is worth noting that B&20 also continues to support students after their education in the form of internships in order to further ensure their success.


Learning English online…

Next, B&20’s versatility is portrayed through a comparison between online courses and the classroom. The school of course provides both of these options for its students, and in this section the advantages of both platforms are examined. The purpose here is not to say one method is better than the other, but to provide information so that students can make informed decisions as to how they can best carry out their journey through the English language.


All you need to know about IELTS…

As a natural segway from examining the different ways of learning, the article moves on to a tangible goal that can be achieved at B&20, coming in the form of certification. Through the International English Language Testing System, or IELTS, non-native speakers can be recognized for their skills in the English language, particularly by universities and professional organizations. This highly recognized certification typically requires a certain level of preparation, and B&20 school is ready to help.



Why you should learn English…

And to wrap up, after acknowledging the tangible benefits of studying at B&20, the article concludes with what a student will personally take away from B&20’s program. Some of the take-aways mentioned in the article include more career options, better travelling experiences, and overall confidence. Here it is worth noting that on top of being prepared for a professional career, students will also be able to benefit from the various opportunities they will gain as they move forward in life by improving their English skills.

So if you are already in the middle of your professional studies or simply just curious about what B&20 can offer, please take a moment to read the full article here at QA Education, English Language.

Summer Italian Cultural Exchange

A glance at the city…

When considering a trip to Italy, there is no reason that Milan should not be your first stop. Located in the northernmost region of Italy and surrounded by several airports, Milan is an ideal introduction to Italian life. Being one of the largest cities in Italy, and in Europe for that matter, there is certainly no lack of sites and wonders to explore here.

The first impression you will get as you arrive at the centre of the city is the magnificent architecture. This is exemplified at the main railway station, Milan Centrale, as the structure presents a mixture of architectural styles and is filled with various sculptures. It is a pleasant welcome if you are just arriving from the Milan-Malpensa Airport.



Next, it would be unthinkable to visit Milan without at least passing by the Duomo di Milan. The Milan Cathedral towers over the Piazza del Duomo as it shows off its intricate gothic style. The cathedral is also complimented by the adjacent arch leading to the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, where you are led to various shops and restaurants under its beautiful glass ceiling. It may also be worth considering heading to the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie to catch a glimpse of Leonardo da Vinci’s famous mural, The Last Supper.



On top of Milan’s wealth of art and architecture, the city is also famous for its fashion, culinary arts, and music scene. You may even want to take the opportunity to catch an opera at La Scala, Milan’s world-famous theatre.

Connecting with the Italian culture

Besides the thrill of viewing all the art and beauty of this historic city, there is also the experience of interacting with the Italian people, which is typically a pleasure in itself. If you are a stranger to the Italian language, it should be comforting to know that it is usually not hard to find an Italian that can communicate with you in English. However, to enrich your experience even further, it would certainly be worth possessing the ability to express yourself in Italian. The Italian people tend to be very proud of their beautiful, romantic language, and they are often very accommodating to foreigners that make an effort to speak it.



By participating in an Italian Cultural Exchange in Milan, you can have the opportunity to experience all the splendour of the city while simultaneously integrating with the local community, making your stay even more noteworthy. In addition to learning the Italian language through formal instruction, there are also social activities organized to help put your studies into practice. Not only is this an ideal method for learning a new language, but it also creates an environment to meet new people and possibly form lasting relationships, which otherwise would be perhaps a bit more difficult on your own.

Through B&20 British School Italian Exchange Program, you can find an experience from which you return home with more than just photos, but a new perspective and knowledge of the Italian language and culture.

Or, who knows, maybe you will become one of Italy’s newest residents.

If the idea of learning Italian and expanding your cultural knowledge by immersing yourself in one Italy’s finest cities, please contact B&20 British School for more information about our Summer Italian Cultural Exchange program.

Summer English Courses in London

Summer English Courses in London


It’s now the summer of 2022, and we are able to enjoy the idea of normalcy as we are coming out of the Covid-19 epidemic. And a wonderful part of normalcy is the fact that we can travel again… at least much more freely than in previous years.

And among all the beautiful and historical travel destinations to choose from, for many London is at the top of the list. It is a city that encompasses both beauty and history in addition to culture and art. On top of all the recreational aspects the city has to offer, it is also one of the most important global business hubs in the world. So if you are getting ready to experience all the wonder London has to offer, or you’re on your way to close an international business deal, it is surely worth considering gaining an edge by studying at one of the best English schools London has to offer.



Making the most of your holiday

For whichever reason you choose for coming to London, it goes without saying that the better you communicate, the better your experience will be. Despite all the different cultures and languages one may encounter in this diverse metropolis, the predominant language of England’s capital is, of course, English. But it doesn’t just stop there, with this very obvious point. On top of the two main London accents you will likely encounter, there are also over 40 other English accents and dialects coming from all over the United Kingdom.

This can seem daunting even for a native English speaker, but the challenge can also be looked at as a fun adventure in linguistics. English speakers from all over the U.K. and the world can be found in this international city, giving everyone else a taste of different backgrounds and styles. In order to get the most from this melting pot of different cultures, though, it is necessary that you yourself also have a strong foundation in the English language. By having a basic knowledge of the English grammar structure, good comprehension, and speaking skills, you can already begin to flourish throughout your English expedition.



Particularly for those who travel to London “just on business” , there is a great benefit from taking an English course while immersed in the language. Of course, improving one’s English will only increase the chance of success in their business ventures, but having a more in depth understanding of the language, especially in Business English, allows the speaker to feel more confident and further enjoy the work that they perform.



And back to those visiting for leisure, let’s not forget how much smoother your holiday will go when you can better understand the logistics of daily life here in London. Navigating “the Tube”, London’s underground metro system, will become a lot more manageable in order to explore the vast city. On top of all the other practical ways that studying English will enhance your stay in London, you can also find that as you speak the language you are also allowing yourself to become more integrated as a Londoner.

So let B&20 British School help you get started:

Whether you are an absolute beginner or you want to take your English to the next level, if you are ready to begin studying English in London, please contact us about ourSummer English Courses for more information.

Learning English Online

The Benefits of Learning English Online

It goes without saying that the knowledge of the English language can open up a world of opportunities. In fact, it is still one the most spoken languages in the world, and beyond being the dominant language in global business, there are also many other personal advantages from having a strong understanding of the language. These advantages can be seen simply in how we interact with the rest of the world: watching YouTube videos, following posts on social media, keeping up with international news, or even enjoying Hollywood movies in their original language… which, as one would imagine, are most often in English.



Whether for professional reasons or for personal development, learning English can undoubtedly prove to be a worthy pursuit. But with that being said, there always remains the fact that it requires time and energy to learn a new language. This is even true for more advanced speakers who want to refine their language skills.

Most people would not want to take up the task of learning a new language alone. Under the guidance of an instructor, the daunting task of learning a new language can be transformed into a pleasant and rewarding challenge. Today there are many resources that can guide us through the mastering of the English language, and one of the most practical options is Online English Courses.

Online Courses vs. The Classroom

When comparing online language courses to lessons held in the classroom, there is no objectively superior method, it really comes down to one’s learning style and individual circumstances.

The advantages of taking Online English Courses begin, of course, with convenience. Besides being able to learn from your own home, there is also the option of attending class really from wherever you want. In theory, as long as there is a Wi-Fi signal, you could attend an online class while relaxing at the beach… Maybe try not to get too distracted though. The idea is that there is not a predefined time and location for class, giving you the flexibility to learn when and where it is convenient for you.

Another benefit to taking courses online, particularly face-to-face classes, is that the lesson is tailored to your specific needs. Often when classes are held in a classroom with a group of other students, it can be easy to find oneself falling behind or not finding the pace of the lesson to be fast enough. This can lead to frustration, boredom, and possibly the feeling of wasting one’s time. Of course, many students find a benefit when this occurs by coming to the aid of other students or by feeling motivated to reach the level of the rest of the class. So again, it comes down to personal preference.


Another valuable aspect of learning English online is the individual attention the student receives from the instructor. In a face-to-face online lesson, students can progress at the appropriate pace through the specific subjects on which they need to focus. If there is a certain topic that a student struggles with, there is nothing getting in the way of the instructor of using all the time necessary to explain that topic, while in the classroom it is more likely there is a lesson plan already created to accommodate an entire group of students to which the instructor must conform.

So what platform do you think would be the best for you? If you decide that learning English through lessons created for your needs at your convenience, then Online English Courses, offered by the best English school in London, may be the right choice for you.

If you would like to begin studying English at B&20 British School, we encourage you to send us a request for more information about our Online English Courses.

Learning Digital Marketing Strategies

Learning Digital Marketing Strategies

If you are considering a future in Digital Marketing, there is certainly a variety of avenues you can take to develop your career. It is typically considered to be a fun and challenging field, and its ever-evolving nature requires marketing professionals to stay up to date on the latest developments and trends around the world.

The idea of staying at the forefront of technological developments and global trends can indeed be exciting, even intriguing, but here we are also presented with a particular choice to make: what kind of strategy is best to reach a certain target market with all the different channels and platforms that are available?

Of course there is no one simple answer to this question, so let’s look a little deeper into what  goes into a successful Digital Marketing campaign.


Integration is Crucial

Planning is going to be a key element in the success of any marketing campaign, but it is worth highlighting the importance of a comprehensive strategy to get the most out of your campaign.

For example, say a company decides to place an advertisement on a certain media platform. Let’s assume this is as new company, and this is its first marketing endeavour. The company immediately sees a rise in its market share, so naturally the campaign continues in this fashion. It seems logical to consider this a success as business improves and to leave all else alone. However, despite the success from advertising on this media platform, there are clearly some gaps in this oversimplified strategy.

First off, there is no way to guarantee that the strategy is at all sustainable. The initial success of the campaign could simply be a result of good timing, and that is all well and good, timing is critical. However, in one month this may not be the preferred platform of this company’s target market. Trends change at an ever-increasing rate in this modern age. As a result, it would be risky to just take a back-seat and assume that something that works today will have the same effect in even the short-term.



Next, in this simple example we can see that there is clearly a lack of diversification. In this sense, it is highly likely that only a portion of the potential consumer market has been reached. Long-term success for this company would be far more likely if it used a variety of marketing platforms to enhance the exposure of its brand. It is even possible the potential market is even larger than originally forecasted. Additionally, there could also be the risk of over-exposure and the possibility of wasting away the company’s advertising fund, without gaining any benefit of increased market presence.

What we can gather from this example is that a successful and sustainable Digital Marketing Strategy relies on the balance of a variety of factors: What is the company selling? Who are the buyers, and which demographics come into play (geography, age, gender, etc.)?How can these potential consumers be reached?

These are just some of the questions that must be addressed in the formulation of a successful marketing strategy, and therefore there is the need for a knowledgeable expert in the field of Digital Marketing.

Learn How to Create the Right Strategy for Success

How to create a Digital Marketing Strategy that will achieve the most for any business is becoming an increasingly more complicated question to answer. How we communicate, learn, find entertainment and so many other aspects of our lives is changing faster than ever. As a result there is also more opportunity than ever in the field of Digital Marketing.



On top of staying current with the latest online media trends, it is also important to recognize what advertising platforms have also worked both historically and currently. Through your training you will be able to analyse markets and industries in order to come up with the right plan tailored for your clients, while integrating various marketing tools that can benefit them the most. There is a variety of resources available today for businesses to succeed, and, as an expert in Digital Marketing, you will know how to properly integrate these tools for your client’s success.

For more information, visit our website to learn more about Mastering Digital Marketing in London at B&20 British School.

The Top Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out For

We live in a digitally powered world where marketing evolves day by day. It is hard to predict where digital marketing will go in the future. The development of Web 3.0 and other technologies will redefine the digital marketing landscape, and it’s wise to keep a check on emerging trends that will shape the digital marketing strategies of various organisations across the globe.

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4 Reasons to Hire a Professional Translation Service

We live in an increasingly interconnected world where businesses strive to expand their operations in many countries. It is imperative to look for new markets and get more customers onboard in an increasingly competitive economic environment. Favourable trade policies have increased global trade. Expanding into overseas markets is not as overwhelming as it used to be.

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Here’s Why You Should Learn English

English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. It’s considered a universal form of communication and is spoken almost globally. Businesses operating in more than one country usually adopt English as the mode of communication. Having a solid command of the language can also unlock new careers and even migration opportunities.

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5 Traits of an Effective Leader

Leaders play an essential role in the world. They are responsible for shaping nations, communities, businesses, and organisations. Good and effective leaders are responsible for the smooth and seamless running of organisations as they guide those around them and make tough decisions for the improvement of their organisations.

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