Are online classes good for learning English?

With uncertain times ahead, many are turning to online classes for education. However, are they actually helpful for your overall learning or should you do it yourself? Are online classes good for learning English? Let us dive into all aspects you should consider before signing up for online classes.

Fit around your lifestyle
Virtual classes are great for individuals that lead a hectic lifestyle. Obviously, with the current pandemic, your routine may not be as busy as it once was. Although, with the recent good news of a vaccine, the world should return to normal soon(ish). Therefore, by studying through flexible online classes you can accommodate for hobbies and interests that will take up your time in the future.

Stress-free environment
Thanks to technology you can learn from the comfort of your own home, which is great during the cold winter months. This relaxed learning style while taking online classes helps individuals reduce their stress levels allowing them to retain more information. Plus, who doesn’t like learning in their pyjamas?

Humans are very social creatures. Without a physical classroom and fellow students around you, it could leave you feeling lonely. The solution to this is to find an online class that encourages student interactions, both with the teacher and other students. A great online school that promotes this is B20 British School. They are experts when it comes to online classes, so it is no surprise they have been nominated the best English language school in 2020.

You must be motivated
Many online schools will do their utmost to support you through the learning process, but ultimately, it is down to you to put in the effort. From the virtual environment, there are only so many ways teachers can get you to engage, therefore if you struggle with motivating yourself when learning a new subject, this is not the answer.

Spending your time efficiently
If you are reading this during the lockdown and you feel guilty about not spending your free time wisely, learning a new language would definitely be a great achievement. So why not start today?

Cheaper than regular classes
Learning English can be a very expensive investment. However, with the explosion of online classes, schools have found how to cut costs and provide lessons for a much better price. So if you are worried about the financial burden, but want the support that is included from conventional English classes, then online classes are the right choice.

Build your network!
Connecting with students taking the same online class as you can be great. Help each other reinforce what you have learnt in a casual way to help progress throughout the subject.

Remember that many students are in the same boat, they are eager to learn but do not have the community outside of the virtual classroom to continue practising. Reach out so you can all improve together. Just because you are not in a physical classroom there is no reason why you can not make friends. You could even meet up and study together in person.